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White and gold wedding cake small

Photographs of brides and grooms at their reception preparing to cut the cake are amongst the most treasured memories from their wedding day.  With family and friends gathered around, speeches made and a lifetime of shared history yet to create, they glance at each other and cut the cake so all present may celebrate their future.  As the toasts and well-wishes to the happy couple subside, their guests begin to taste the cake. 

That’s when it hits them… WOW!

Not only did the artistically crafted cake visually enhance the celebration, but… it tastes magnificent!  Guests who were once restrained are now lining up for another piece!!

This is a story we hear frequently at Frosted Tiers and it always puts a smile on our faces.  People are amazed to learn that our wedding and engagement cakes taste as good as they look.  It’s because we use the best quality ingredients, are finicky about design and create every one of our individual masterpieces with love and pride.

Please remember… some of our cakes may need to be assembled on site so delivery may be necessary.  Call for more information…

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