Branded Cookies Inspired Portraits

Business Cards, logos or business branding on Cookies or cupcakes?

Yep.  Frosted Tiers can do that!

Corporate branding comes in many shapes and sizes and there’s so much competition within most industry spaces.  That’s why it’s best to cut through the branding noise with a little…


When connecting with customers, the more senses you touch, the more memorable you’ll be.  Most branding strategies rely on two sensory touchpoints – visual and audible.  To enhance your point of difference…

Cut Through with Flavour!

And here’s a tip – when organising your branded cookie bags for your clients, make sure there are enough in the bag for their staff and children.  It’s a simple and effective method of extending the reach of your message.

Need to make a lasting impression at your next corporate event while working to a budget?  Give your customers a memorable sensory experience with our delicious cookies.  We’ll ensure your brand is handled, seen and eaten.  Yum!

To get your brand message out…

Say It With Cookies!

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